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About Us

The Faculty ofHealth Sciences at FWU was established following a tripartite agreement betweenFWU, The Ministry of Health and Population, and the Ministry of Education, Scienceand Technology on January 24th, 2022 (2078-10-10). The process wasinitiated in sight of the dire need for health and medical services in thefar-western region of the country. It has been decided that Dadeldhura Hospitalwill be the base faculty for FWU that will conduct the teaching and learningactivities of the faculty of Health Sciences. The appointment of the dean andthe establishment of the Dean’s office for the Faculty of Health Sciences wascompleted in 2079-06-27.


By providingquality education to meet regional needs, the university in collaboration withthe Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Health has the long-term visionof producing medical personnel to provide quality healthcare service in theregion.


Theinfrastructure for teaching learning facility and curriculum will be designedin accordance to the norms of Nepal Medical Council (NMC) and Medical EducationCommission (MEC).